We have endeavoured to make our website accessible to all. We have done this through a variety of ways.

Style sheets

Our website uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for visual layout. The style sheets can be disabled or over-written to customise the appearance of the website, to your preference.

Font sizes

You can change the font size of each page to your preference using the browser.


Labels are used to assist access to form fields.


The site has been designed to be easy to read through its colour combinations and contrast.


Our links are meaningful we do our best to avoid 'click here'!


JavaScript is used on the site to improve usability. All content is still accessible and usable if you have JavaScript disabled.


This website will function and look as intended in browsers that support these standards. The website has been built to work in all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 8+.

Standards compliance

Our pages use valid HTML5 and CSS. To ensure code quality and that standards are maintained we are committed to checking this on a regular basis.