Making a Will during Coronavirus

Despite Government restrictions following the Covid-19 outbreak we are still open for business and continue to progress with existing matters and take new instructions.  Naturally we have had to change the way we work and to protect both our clients’ and our own health our office is shut for to visitors.  However, whilst traditional face […]

Employment Tribunal Fees – a U-turn

A public sector union, UNISON, has successfully applied to the Supreme Court on the question of whether Employment Tribunal fees are unfair. Given the astonishing 79% reduction in claims being brought in the Employment Tribunals over a three year period, as a result of the large issue and hearing fees payable by the employee claimant, […]

Lasting Power of Attorney Fees Reduction

As of the 1st April 2017 the fee charged by the Office for the Public Guardian for registration of a single Lasting Power of Attorney has gone down from £110 to £82. A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a power introduced by the Mental Capacity Act and replaces Enduring Powers of Attorney. No new […]

Probate Fees… U-turn?

Probate fees have hit the news recently due to the significant increases that were proposed when applying for a grant of representation. Despite widespread public and media allegations of stealth taxation and opposition to the sharp increases in the fee structure, the Probate Registry had written to practitioners stating that the fees would increase in May […]

87th Update of the Civil Procedure Rules

The 87th Update introduces new Practice Direction 31C to assist with implementation of Directive 2014/104/EU on certain rules governing actions for damages under national law for infringements of competition law provisions of the Member States and of the European Union, in particular articles 5 and 6 of that Directive.

Warning to clients: Fake Website

We are aware that a website exists which purports to be Harland & Co Solicitors Ltd website.  Our genuine website can only be found at and nowhere else. Should you receive an email from any address other than an address, it is not genuine, has not been sent by us, and you should […]

Warning to clients: Cyber Crime – Bank Transfers

Please be aware that we will not change our bank details during the course of any transaction. We will never notify you of our bank details, nor of any change of bank details by email. If you receive any notification purporting to contain our bank details, or one suggesting that we have changed our bank […]

Mental Capacity and Wills: Considerations

If a person lacks mental capacity at the time that the will is executed, it will be invalid. This can lead to disappointed beneficiaries and is liable to lead to conflict. How then to determine whether a person has mental capacity to make a will? The law in this area was laid down in the […]

Settlement Agreements and Tax Treatment

There is sometimes confusion about whether a payments made to an employee on termination of their employment are properly taxable or not. Sometimes the parties actively seek to agree terms in a settlement agreement with a view to avoiding liability for tax. However, care must be taken that the wording of any settlement agreement accurately […]

Penalty Charges in Breach of Contract

It used to be considered good English Contract Law that a penalty charge levied by a party for breach of contract by the other party had to be a “genuine pre-estimate” of the loss suffered for it to be enforceable. If there was no apparent loss, then there couldn’t be a need for a penalty […]